Album art which boosts my inspiration

Today I was scrolling through albums I got, and I thought that some album covers just look amazing.

Some of these album covers really want to make me listen to the album. I thought I’d share some with you. If you feel like you can add a nice one, put it in the comments below.

Album art which boosts my inspiration
Album art has been ordered in alphabetical order. Animosity
animosity_animal Animal [2007]
August Burns Red
august-burns-red_thrill-seeker Trill Seeker [2005]
The Blood Brothers
Burn Piano Island, Burn [2003]bloodbrothers_young-machetes
Young Machetes [2006]
Circa Survive
circa-survive_on-letting-go On Letting Go [2007]
Destroyer Destroyer
destroyerdestroyer_littered-with-arrows Littered with Arrows [2007]
Duck Duck Goose
duckduckgoose_morenoise Noise, Noise and More Noise [2007]
The Devil Wear Prada
dwp_plagues Plagues [2007]
The Fall of Troy
fot_doppelganger Doppelgänger [2005]fot_manipulator Manipulator [2007]fot_tfot S/T [2003]
Fear Before the March of Flames
fbtmof_odd-how-people-shake Odd How People Shake [2004]fbtmof_the-always-open-mouth The Always Open Mouth [2006]
fugazi_redmedicine Red Medicine [1995]
Genghis Tron
genghis-tron-board_up_the_house Board Up The House [2008]
Heavy Heavy Low Low
hhll_fuckit1 …fuck it?! [2007]hhll_turtle-nipple-and-toxic-shock1 Turtle Nipple and Toxic Shock [2008]
HORSE the band
horsetheband_pizzaep Pizza EP [2006]
iamerror_trout-yogurt Trout Yogurt [2007]
I Set My Friends On Fire
ismfof_you-cant-spell-slaughter-without-laughter You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter [2008]
iwrestledabearonce_iwrestledabearonce EP [2007]
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
maylene_and_the_sons_of_disaster_-_ii II [2007]
The Number Twelve Looks Like You
tntlly_mongrel Mongrel [2007]
The Promise Ring
promisering_nothing-feels-good Nothing Feels Good [1997]
saetia_a-retrospective A Retrospective [1998]
Said and Done
saidanddone_endlessroads Endless Roads [2008]
See You Next Tuesday
see-you-next-tuesday_intervals Intervals [2008]seeyounexttuesday_parasite Parasite [2007]
Sunny Day Real Estate
sunny_day_real_estate_diary Diary [1994]