Hire Me

After a long time of hard consideration I decided to leave my current job. It’s an awesome place to work at and the management couldn’t be better, but I feel like I am moving in a different direction.

That said: I am looking for a new job. I have found a fitting position. A big thank you to all who shared.

As I mentioned before, being stuck at my job is not something I want. Being unhappy is something I want to avoid and looking for something else seems like the best solution.

##What I am was looking for Currently I am largely interested in working on JavaScript applications, from in-browser web applications to server-side Node.js applications. I also love automating all the things and streamlining the development process, the less coders need to do, the better.

As much as I love working in offices, I am also open to working remote.

##Let me know if you know something If you might know a company that is looking for a JavaScript developer and wants to talk to me, please let me know by sending an email to hi@gaya.pizza. You can also reach me through my contact page or my Twitter profile.