Introducing Formable - Beautiful forms for your websites

Today I am very pleased to reveal to you what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months.

Formable is a service I developed which will help you create forms and embed them on your websites. Without the hassle of coding the whole form yourself or installing another unnecessary plugin.

Formable - Beautiful forms for your websites

Why Formable?

When I create a website of any kind, I find that coding forms is always a tedious and boring task. Especially if you need to create a way to handle messages and their input.

It’s time-consuming, and overall a task I wouldn’t mind skipping.

Imagine assembling a form and then adding a snippet of embed code to your site is all you have to do: this is Formable.

Perfect for all types of websites

It doesn’t matter if you run a WordPress site, created your website with a service like Wix, or if you just have a static website. Formable will fit perfectly on all these platforms and will work the same everywhere.

Because Formable is embedded with a simple external script, you won’t need to add your own backend code or install a plugin. It will work out of the box!

Evolving possibilities

You can create contact forms, subscription forms, surveys, and more. With the online form builder, you can create forms to your liking.

Fields can be validated before they are sent to you. Make them required fields, have an email address check. _Remember, you don’t have to code anything for this_!

Form Builder

Formable is also easily adjusted with some plain CSS. You can even choose to exclude CSS from the embedded forms altogether.

I am working on improving the possibilities of Formable. If you have any suggestions: please reach out!

Try it now!

You can try Formable for yourself. Pick a plan and start working or start for free and try Formable.

In the meantime, follow Formable on Twitter and like Formable on Facebook to get updates and see where Formable is heading.