MarkPress: Markdown powered journal for WordPress

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Markdown is used to quickly write a styled document with a simple syntax, great for taking notes or writing journals. MarkPress allows you to turn your WordPress install into an App to easily write and store Markdown notes.

MarkPress: Markdown powered journal for WordPress

What is MarkPress?

Starting as an idea by Coen Jacobs, and me wanting to do something with WordPress again, I started writing this little app.

Its requirements were simple:

  1. Write some notes on findings you made.
  2. Automatically save them somewhere
  3. Enable tagging
  4. Make it nice with Markdown
  5. Available everywhere on every device

There were not a lot of apps that do all this, so the easiest thing was to quickly write a web app and let WordPress store the data.

And then, MarkPress was born.

Example of how you'd write a journal note. Example of how you’d write a journal note.

How to install:

You can install MarkPress by searching for ‘MarkPress’ when adding a new plugin to your WordPress install.

The plugin is also available for download on’s Plugin Directory:

Or download on GitHub:

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Upload contents of markpress to wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate plugin in wp-admin

How to use:

The app is really easy to use. Go to your WordPress install’s frontpage (not wp-admin), fill some Markdown content in the editor on the left and see the content marked up on the right.

Every 10 seconds the content of the post is automatically saved to the server, so no need to worry about that.

Hit the big ‘+’ button to add a new note.


More information about how to contribute to this plugin can be found on GitHub:

Having trouble?

You can shoot me an email with any questions on: or you can file issues on GitHub via: