Presenting Thyme Premium

At the start of this year I started working on a little project called Thyme to make tracking my time easier.

Like a lot of services and apps, the idea came from having to manage data through Excel sheets, which did not really hold up in the long run.

Almost a year of improving the platform here and there in my spare time I am launching my fun project as a paid service!

Presenting Thyme Premium

Check out Thyme Premium

Why Thyme?

Thyme is a privacy centric time tracker which is 100% private from the start. You don’t share your data with 3th parties (and even Thyme itself!) by default, which in these days is a great thing to have.

Data is stored in the browser’s local storage, and can be exported at any time.

Thyme is focused on being as simple as possible without too many bells and whistles which distract you from what you want to do with a time tracker: just keep track of the time I spent doing stuff!

Why not a different service?

Back when I first started to take on freelance jobs, I started writing down the start and end time and the stuff I worked on for a client on paper.

A while later I started writing it down in Excel sheets, which made calculation a bit easier, but managing and entering the data didn’t feel right.

What I really wanted was a simple web based app where I could fill in the same information and create reports for clients for them to see how much time I spent on their projects.

While searching for the perfect time tracker, I didn’t really find one which suited me, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to build my own based on the techniques of local storage and progressive web apps.

What is Thyme Premium?

Apart from all the regular free features Thyme offers, Thyme Premium allows you to have unlimited syncing of timesheet data between devices. Data you enter is safely stored in an encrypted format only for you to read.

All data you enter is safely backed up every time you make a change.

Premium also offers a way to add hourly rates to projects you’re working on and have daily insights in the time you spent on projects.

I have many more features planned out which I want to share in a road map soon.

Completely open source

Why trust me on my word if I can also show you how Thyme works internally? I have open sourced all of Thyme on Github. Allowing me to be as transparent about what happens behind the scenes.

Here you can check out how the app works, how the backend works, and you can even see my planned work to start making plugins in Thyme possible.

More to come

I have a lot of nice things planned out for Thyme. If you have any suggestions or questions: feel free to reach out!