Orchestrate Actions with Redux Listeners

There are multiple ways and libraries to handle asynchronous data flows in Redux. Some do a lot, some do just a little.

redux-listeners is a small middleware for Redux which makes handling async are orchestrating action in Redux a breeze.

It’s the sweet spot in-between redux-thunk and redux-saga

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Introducing Formable - Beautiful forms for your websites

Today I am very pleased to reveal to you what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months.

Formable is a service I developed which will help you create forms and embed them on your websites. Without the hassle of coding the whole form yourself or installing another unnecessary plugin.

Formable - Beautiful forms for your websites

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Replacing React with Preact in Your Projects

While React is becoming more popular by the day, so are alternatives to the JavaScript framework.

One of these frameworks is Preact, which does not aim to do things that much different per sé, but focuses on performance and bundle size.

This article will take you through the why and how of replacing React with Preact in your existing project.

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I Quit!

More specifically: I quit my job, to start my own business.

For the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time working on personal projects next to my day time job. I even decided to work four days instead of five to spend an extra day doing what I love: getting my hands dirty on stuff I came up with myself.

Because it still feels like I still have too little time and I want to focus on building my own products, I decided to quit my job. Which is a really big step for me.

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Using Flow instead of prop-types in React

One of the most used ways to check the “type” of a property which is passed to a React component is through prop-types. The main problem is that all the type checking is done on run-time, and not statically.

This article will explain how to go from type checking with prop-types to static type checking with Flow in React.

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