Uploading files with superagent in the browser

Sending files in the browser using XHR can give the user a great experience. I like to use superagent for sending requests, it’s a great light-weight API which doesn’t require other third party libraries and works great when bundling with CommonJS.

Uploading files using a multipart requests in the browser is sadly not supported through their API at the moment, but it’s possible following a few short steps. I’ll explain how I got multipart uploading to work using superagent in the browser in this article.

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Explore and improve your development skills

My jobs have always been focused on the technologies and stacks I was used to. This is a safe and efficient way to get work done, but what I didn’t realise is that it only hold me back on learning different ways.

In this post I am sharing my findings of joining a company which uses a different approach to development, stacks and work flows than I was used to.

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Testing JavaScript using BrowserSync, Mocha and PhantomJS

It’s a good idea to test your JavaScript applications using a testing framework. It improves the integrity of your software and enables you to do Test Driven Development.

You can do your testing in Mocha, but you can also expand it a bit further with browser specific behaviour testing. This article is aimed to get you started with testing using BrowserSync, Mocha and PhantomJs.

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Migrating from WordPress to Wintersmith

Static websites load blazing fast and are fun to make. Having your website calculated for each request is getting out of style and is becoming less necessary.

I went through the process of turning the WordPress version of this blog into a statically served website. This article explains the process behind it and what I did to achieve the current static website.

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Hire Me

After a long time of hard consideration I decided to leave my current job. It’s an awesome place to work at and the management couldn’t be better, but I feel like I am moving in a different direction.

That said: I am looking for a new job. I have found a fitting position. A big thank you to all who shared.

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